The Ellie Claire Art Journals... a review:

I was recently given the opportunity to check out The Ellie Claire Art Journals for review and I was so excited to check them out!! When I opened the package and pulled them out I got even more excited.  They are beautiful on the outside and my first favorite thing is--look! Two of them have a pen/pencil holder on the spine!! I LOVE that!! Look at the fronts of these books though: 

I started looking through the Illuminate Your Story Journal and I was amazed by the beauty and detail of this book.  

 First, of course, comes the introduction that includes a History of Illuminated Letters (who knew there were so many different styles??).  This history gives the name of the letter style, an example and a brief history which is very informative and well written.

Next, the book outlines the process of Illuminated Letters in Ancient Times and how the Illuminated Letters fit in the world TODAY!

Next, the book guides you on the supplies you need to begin the process of Illuminated Lettering and HOW to use this journal.

These last three sections (History, Process and creating your own) are fairly short with just enough information to get you started!

Then the fun really begins.  To the right is a sample page of the lessons.  They show you the steps and then build upon them.  On the second page, you get to create your own!!  As you can see, I have been a bit trepidatious (this one looks above my level) so far to try my hand, but I will get courageous given time.
After a few pages of "lessons" comes a set of pages that begin with an inspirational quote and then gives you lines to journal your heart out.  The book walks you through the entire alphabet... two pages of lessons on the letters, then two pages of journaling lines followed by 2-4 pages more of lessons/practice pages and repeat with the next letter.  At the end of the book, there is also included a pocket labeled "Keepsakes" for whatever you might want to add.

A few of my favorite items with this book are on the outside: 1) a pen/pencil holder
2) a bit of elastic that keeps the book closed and helps keep it in good shape even if tossed into your purse/bag.
3) a bit of ribbon for a bookmark, so you know where you left off and can find it easily.

This journal is perfect for the person that wants to learn a new lettering and likes to be decorative in their writing.

NEXT, I checked out The Illustrated Word: An Illustrated Bible Coloring Book.

Again, the outside is beautiful with embossed flowers in lovely colors and only a glimpse of what the inside holds.

The title page is the perfect example of what the book holds.  It's a lovely illustration waiting for  the owner of the journal to fill in the pictures with colors that suite their tastes and imagination.

  Throughout the book, pages that have Scripture and a corresponding coloring page are interspersed with lined pages for journaling.  These coloring pages are meant for those who really enjoy coloring and find the relaxation and satisfaction that a page well-colored can bring. (I have a few family members that come to mind.)
Also included are "snapshots" of pages from old books with glorious illustrations, along with journaling lines and on the opposing page, a coloring picture similar to the snapshot.  I really like these pages because you can write either about your Bible Study or maybe the Scripture that is included in the coloring page or just life. The sky is the limit!

This journal is for the person who really appreciates the art used in classic books, but doesn't feel the need or want to learn how to do the special lettering for themselves.  It's a great way to relax or to bring focus in on one verse or study.

And last, but not least we have the Faith & Lettering Journal.

Again.. the cover is divine with colorful doodles and embossing.  I hate to pick favorites, but this one is probably my favorite of these three journals.  They are all beautiful, they all have a purpose, but this one... it's exactly what I would want and enjoy.  It begins with an Introduction page that explains where this particular Faith and Lettering journal idea began, then it talks about rediscovering your creativity (ever lost your mojo?  I have!!) and goes on to talk about "how to use this book."  The point of the book is to "inspire you to reignite your devotional time, to imprint Scripture upon your heart, and to help you dig deep into the Word of God through the art of lettering."  I love that!!

Scripture Art
Practice page

journaling page facing Scripture Art
The pages that follow are a mixture of Krystal Whitten designed Scripture Arts, lined pages, graph pages, lesson and practice pages, dotted pages and lots of Scriptures doodled, written and artfully included.

Also included are these lovely little "pro-tips."  They are peppered through the book and encourage the "journaler" to practice 15 minutes EVERY DAY along with a tip or two on the "focus lettering."

While this is my favorite of the three journals, it won't be everyone's favorite. My daughter, who loves to journal, didn't like this one for herself, but she has no desire to learn the lettering. She preferred the Illustrated Word Coloring Book.  

These journals would make the perfect gift for your best friend, your prayer partner, your sister or yourself!  They can be found on or Barnes&Noble