Couponing, Saving, Sweepstakes, Points Programs Revisited....

Since the last time I wrote a post that put all of this stuff in one place, I have moved. I have added some new programs, blogs that I read and get info from, etc. So, I thought I would write another post to put all of these in one place... to share with my friends!! : )

First of all... you may want to set up a FREE HOTMAIL or YAHOO or GMAIL account for all these programs/sweeps. This will be an account you don't mind recieving "junk" in, and it won't mess up your regular email.

Programs that I do for points to trade in for Gift Cards/Cash:

MyPoints: This is my all time fave program. It's easy and does NOT take a lot of time. You can earn points by just reading e-mails or if you shop online, you can earn points for that as well. They also give birthday and anniversary (with them) points. I LOVE it!! I use this program for Chili's GC, Panera, Target/Walmart/Walgreens... it's a great program to earn GC for Bdays and Christmas!!

Swagbucks: This is another easy program. If you search the internet, you can earn points with this one easy. I installed their toolbar, which makes it easy for searching. I use it instead of Google (I believe it powered by Google anyhow). Just for using the toolbar, you get 1 point daily. If you take the poll at their website, you get a point daily. Then you just search for whatever you need ... and earn points. Fridays are MegaPoints days, meaning when you search on Friday, you get even more points (I have seen people get upwards of 50 pts for 1 search). This program I use to earn Amazon GiftCards. One $5 Amazon GC = 450pts. You can also shop through this program and earn more pts, but I've not done that.

InboxDollars: is another e-mail program to earn dollars. I receive e-mails from them (advertisements for stuff), click the link they have... follow that link to it's new open link and click to confirm it's been read. That's it!! From their webpage, you can do more like surveys, games, etc, but I mostly just do their e-mails. I am very close to cashing out with this one ($30 cash out). This is a place to take surveys... sometimes they send samples, but most of all the surveys earn you points and at 1000pts you can cash in for $10 (of course, you can save points up for more) or you can turn points into actual prizes.

Blogs I subscribe to for information on Sweeps/Coupons/Freebies:
Let me say, a few of these are from when I was living in CO, so they are based in CO and not all of the "deals" they share will be applicable to everyone... just a heads up! (obviously-- based in CO Springs)

Programs I do for Samples/freebies/Coupons:

VocalPoint: This site is mostly about trying new stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for coupons, freebies/samples. They send out e-mails with this stuff and post it on FB. Also, some of the Blogs I subscribe to give a shout out when things are available thru them...but you still have to be a member to request the coupon/sample.

KraftFirstTaste: join here to try new stuff first and FREE!! I have tried Oscar Meyer Deli Sandwiches, pizzas, jellos, Cream cheese minis, Oreo Cakesters -- all for free through this program!! Love it! :)

Startsampling : you can pick up all kinds of coupons/samples here. You also get points for referring friends (my user ID is LADETTE) that can eventually be turned in for a "prize." This program used to be a lot better than it is now... I think there are just SOOO many programs out there, this one is struggling.

BzzAgent: As a BzzAgent, you'll get to:

* Discover and try new products and services (often for free!)
* Spread sincere word of mouth about them
* Have your opinions influence some of the biggest companies and brands around

Places to go for printable coupons:

GOOGLE (or Swag Bucks)-- I often search for coupons.... if I use Swag bucks, I can find coupons and possibly earn points at the same time!!

There are also a few "Message Boards" if you are up for surfing them to find the deals/freebies/coupons:

I also subscribe to AllYou Magazine... they have a ton of COUPONS in EVERY issue!! And, I pick up a Sunday paper on my way to church every Sunday.

Remeber to check out manufacturer's websites for coupons and freebies. Also,,,,, and many more stores offer freebies and coupons online. frequently has sweepstakes/games that you can play and win with!!

Okay... that's all I can think of right now. I may have to edit this post later if I can think of more, but this will get you started!! Have fun!