What a weekend....

Wow, I had a busy weekend. Actually, all of last week was busy.

Thursday night, my oldest dd was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Friday, she turned 12!! So, of course, we had to party. Saturday we went to a bday party for a friend... but before that, we had Mission Training and went to an Art Show where our second daughter was picked to have a piece of her art exhibited!

Sunday was church of course, but I also had a mission commmittee meeting during lunch, then at 2pm had a homemade soap/lotion/bath stuff party to attend. We had to be back at church by 5:30pm so I could do the child care for the evening services. We didn't leave church until 7:45pm, then we stopped by three different cm's houses for different reasons.

Today, I'm HOME and not planning on going anywhere except to pick up youngest ds from school, and I going to walk to do that! OF course, today also comes with mountains of LAUNDRY!! What do you expect with a family of 7??