1/2 day left of school....

After today we have 1/2 day left of school! I can't believe it... and boy am I GLAD! I know... many people probably think I am crazy for saying that, but I am glad. I love my kids and love to have them around me. I miss them most of the time when they are in school.

Bad news: we found out last night that our pool has 2 big holes in it!!NOT GOOD!! Now we are going to have to scrounge up $300 to buy a new one. Our last pool only cost $50, but we got it from some acquaintances that paid a bunch for it and only used it 2x... so they wanted to get rid of it and offered it to us for next to nothing. I wonder how long we'll have to go before we get a new one? Hopefully we'll have it by VBS time!! I'll need it then!