Happy Early Father's Day!!

Well, yesterday my husband I were running around doing errands that needed to be done. While we were out, we decided to run by the local feed store. He's had it in his mind that he wants chickens. I'm not sure if he wanted them first, or if the price of food came first, but he wants them for eggs. So, I told him that if he wanted them, I wanted him to talk to someone that has raised Chickens or do research online about raising them before we decided to go get them. He actually spoke to TWO people about them!! I couldn't believe it... he must really want chickens! Anyhow, we stopped by the feed store and found they had their last "batch" of chickens. He wanted Rhode Island Reds (that's what his dad raised and he was told that they are good egg producers) and guess what the feed store had?! Yep... Rhode Island Reds. So, we bought 6 little chicks. Three black and three red. We have no idea what gender they are... won't know for some time. We are hoping for all hens... maybe one rooster. The only reason you need a rooster is if you want to hatch the eggs... the rooster fertilizes them. Or, if you want the rooster to "protect" the flock. Dh wants a rooster for the protection factor, but I'm wondering if that rooster would "Protect" against us (my children) when we gather eggs? I hope not!!

A picture of 5/6 chicks. They are 1 wk 4 days old in this picture. I think they don't start egg production until 18-20 wks. Hopefully by then, dh will have their coup built. I am off to do research on Rhode Island Reds myself....