Happy Father's Day!

Today is the actual Father's Day. I sent my dad a text message this morning on my way to church. After church, I tried to call him, butI realized he was in the middle of preaching... I figured he wouldn't answer the phone, but HE DID!! So, I thought maybe he was done preaching... NOPE! Anyhow, I wished him a Happy Father's Day and then got off the phone with him. I did get to talk to him a little longer later today.

Morgan did services today... of course! We had Sunday School and then church service. Evening services were cancelled tonight though... we had a Father's Day picinic in the park instead. I cooked breakfast for Morgan this a.m. before church, then after church we grilled some meat and had that with baked beans and french bread. Weird meal, but it was pretty good. We didn't give Morgan any gifts today, but he already has his chickens. Abigail was the first child to tell him Happy Father's Day this a.m. Then the others did as they woke up. The three middle children made Father's Day cards in Sunday School, so when we got home, Elizabeth had to make a card. I helped her make a Polished Stone card (VERY COOL!).

Speaking of Morgan's Father's day gifts (the chicks), they are getting BIG!! They will be 4 wks old this Wednesday. We started working on the coop this past Friday. We (mostly Morgan) poured the concrete flooring for it. A cm helped run the concrete mixer and I held the water hose and washed the cm's hands when he needed it. Oh yeah, I took pics too! I'll post them later. When the concrete was closer to dry, we all put our handprints in it and the date. I am not sure when Morgan will work on it again, but I'll take pics of the process to share.