The UN-DEAD Chicken....

This afternoon I was taking my youngest son to the eye-doctor to pick up his glasses. He ran out of the house as I gave my oldest daughter some instructions for while I was gone. Next thing I know, my son ran back in and said that one of the red chickens was in the "dumpster" {big trash can at the curb} and that it had laid an egg there. I said, "No honey... that's the dead chicken that daddy had to kill yesterday." He said, "No, it's alive, it's pooped and it laid an egg!"

I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. I saw my husband with the dead chicken. I saw him put the dead chicken inside of 2 Wal-mart bags and then he took it out to the trash. In fact, just 30 mins earlier I had thrown away some of the mail I had received that was trash!!

So, I followed him out to the trash and peeked in. Sure enough, there was a chicken pecking around with a pooped on egg!! I looked in there to see if there was a bag with a dead chicken in it,but no... there wasn't. The bags were in the floor of the trash can... the trash I had thrown in earlier was there, but the UN-DEAD Chicken was standing victor of it all!!

Shocked, I called my husband. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE WANTED ME TO DO!???! Yeah, right... not happening!! They are his chickens. I told him I would leave it in there and if it was still alive when he got home, he could deal with it!!

I left to get my son's glasses. On the drive over, I decided to call our friend Stu. He answered the phone and I said,"Hey Stu! How do you feel about killing chickens?" He laughed and asked why. So, I explained the situation to him and he said he'd take care of it, which he did within the hour. Now we have a twice-dead chicken in the trash can. And, I'm praying that I don't have a nightmare about that silly chicken tonight!