House of Dark Shadows-- a review

House of Dark Shadows is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat book for young people. The King family moves from L.A. to a small secluded town. The father has taken a job in the school and the family needs to find a home. What they find is something totally different.

Xander, David and Toria along with their parents are in for an adventure as they move into a home that is in a secluded, wooded area. On first arrival, they almost miss the house. They then realize that there is no walkway or driveway up to the house along with some other eerily odd things. The family falls in love with the house – its Victorian styling and its size and the fact that the children can have their own rooms! Everyone is busy cleaning and putting away when David finds a closet that opens to locker 119 in the school. Then, after chasing a “shadow” to the attic, they find a hall with many doors leading to different places. The boys both try different doors in this hallway with nightmarish results. Xander, who believes he is a budding film-maker, tries to video some of the oddities, but only ends up with static. Eventually the entire family is drawn in to the odd happenings.

The book ends with the house’s darkest secret revealed and has the reader ready to dig into the next book. Good reading… Chronicles of Narnia meets Goosebumps!