Never Say Diet

Before receiving "Never Say Diet," I had never heard of Chantel Hobbs. When I opened the package, I looked at the back of the book for the summary… and there on the cover where two pictures. One picture was from when Chantel was over 300lbs and the other was how she looks now. WOW, what a difference.

I am in the process of reading this book. Just last night I read 6 chapters before going to sleep. Normally with "weight-loss" books, I would read 1 or 2 chapters and fall asleep. Chantel Hobbs is a real person with a real story to share. I love how she tells her story of frustration and dieting, she really relates to people that have struggled with weight issues for a long time. I also love that she shares her pictures from her past, but also shows the new her!! She went from being well over 300lbs to being a fitness trainer and marathon runner-- WOW! She mentions God and how He has always been there for her, but that transformation doesn't happen overnight even when God is in the equation. Yes, God wants the best for you, but He expects you to put forth the effort!!

Chantel points to the fact that before you can have a body change, you need a “Brain Change.” She says, “To change your life, you first have to change the way you think.” There are three parts to this book. Part 1 calls you to DECIDE. Decide that you will make the brain change and that you will make the Five Decisions that Chantel had to make in order to lose the weight. Part 2 calls you to ACT. This is where you begin you life change. You go through 4 phases of incorporating exercise and food changes. Part 3 calls you to LIVE. This section of the book is an honest question and answer forum, as well as, a chapter on “Five ways to Get your Family Fit” and a chapter on “Live with Purpose.”

Also available is the "The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer: Sixteen Weeks to Achieve Your Goal of a Healthy Lifestyle." This is a personal journal for you to track your food, exercise, feelings and fitness progress.

I have a copy of both (as a set) that is up for grabs. If you are interested in a free copy of both the "Never Say Diet" and the "The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer," then leave me a comment. I will draw a winner from all who post on Monday, Jan 19th.


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