I LOVE nap time. Actually, I LOVE Abigail, but I really like naptime. Especially when I get to take a nap (there are days it's a neccessity-- like when I had too much caffeine last night and didn't get to sleep until almost 2am!).

Anyhow, recently I was sitting at my computer after I had put Abigail to bed for her afternoon nap. I was surfing away, when I heard the sweetest thing in the world! My baby girl was in her room singing, "Jesus loves me this I know... for the Bible tells me so... little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong." It is just beautiful to hear the innocence and faith of a 2.5 yr old singing about Jesus. I love it!

Right now, she's talking.. to herself, to her baby dolls or to Dora, I don't know. I do know that all too soon these days will be gone and I will miss her sweet little voice and face! Thank you God for the gift of Abigail!