The Read & Share DVD Bible - Volume 1

I recently received The Read & Share DVD Bible Volume 1 to review and was really excited about it. I had seen it and the Bible that goes along with it when I worked a table at the last Women of Faith Conference I attended in Denver. So, I pulled it out and told my 2 yr old daughter that I had a video I wanted her to watch with me. We snuggled up together to watch.

The video is well put together. The animation is not the quality of Disney movies, but it is nice without going overboard. It is mostly narrated and only some of the time do the individual characters actually speak. This did not affect my 2 yr old at all, she was held in rapt attention for the duration of its playing time. When we got to about the 3rd or 4th story, my 7 yr old son heard what we were watching and joined us. The first thing he said is, "Why don't they talk?" Although, he noticed and mentioned this... it didn't seem to affect his interest in the video. I had to stop watching it to cook supper and he wanted to put it on downstairs and start at the beginning of the video.

All in all, I think The Read & Share DVD Bible Vol 1 is a wonderful tool to use with children. The stories are short enough to keep the attention of a 2 yr old and interesting enough to keep the attention of a 7 yr old.