Saints in Limbo by River Jordan (and book giveaway)

Saints in Limbo by River Jordan is a story of love and hope with a bit of mystery.

Velma True's life has been limited by how long a string of yarn she has attached to her front yard ever since her husband Joe died. She won't open the mailbox to retrieve her mail and she won't step off her front yard to the road... she's afraid she'll disappear just like Joe. On her birthday, a mysterious man shows up and gives her a gift that opens her world up to past memories... some good, some bad, but all revealing of secrets and hope. Hope for her grown son who is hardened by the world and things he heard as a young child, but has forgotten. Hope for her own life and the desires she had as a young mother. Hope for a friendship that is stale in it's old age.

This book has a wonderful story, but was hard to stay with. It kind of jumps around without warning. The reader may be caught off guard when he/she starts a new section/chapter, but can quickly catch up.

Author Bio:River Jordan is a critically acclaimed novelist and playwright whose unique mixture of southern and mystic writing has drawn comparisons to Sarah Addison Allen, Leif Enger, and Flannery O’Connor. Her previous works include The Messenger of Magnolia Street, lauded by Kirkus Reviews as “a beautifully written, atmospheric tale.” She speaks around the country and makes her home in Nashville.

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I have a copy of this to give to one of my lucky readers!! Please leave a comment and I will draw on Monday (June 8th) for a winner.