Under the Distant Sky by Al and JoAnna Lacy

Solomon and Hannah Cooper are the proprietors of the General Store in Independence, Missouri, but Solomon has the bug to go west. Weekly, he helps families that are traveling west stock up on supplies they might need for the long, arduous trip and the more he helps, the more he gets a yearning to travel west himself.
This is the story of one family’s dreams, struggles and triumphs as they trust in the Lord to be their Provider and Comfort. They leave behind security, family and friends in order to go where He leads them. Along the way, they face Indians, storms, and criminals, but God blesses them with new friends and the chance to lead others to Him.

I struggled at first with the language… I think that sometimes the dialogue between the Christians in the Lacy’s books is forced and too filled with amens, praise the Lords and hallelujahs. I am a Christian, and yes, I do often use those three phrases and others like them, but I think there is an over-abundance of them in the dialogue. Other than that, it is a well-written and enjoyable novel that leaves you wondering what happens next with Hannah and her family.

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Al Lacy has written more than ninety novels, including the Angel of Mercy, Battles of Destiny, and Journeys of the Stranger series. He and his wife, JoAnna Lacy, are coauthors of the Mail Order Bride, Hannah of Fort Bridger, and Shadow of Liberty series. The Lacys make their home in the Colorado Rockies.