The Wildest, Wackiest, Weirdest Animals in the World....

If you enjoy watching little animal shows, you will enjoy Jack Hanna’s The Wackiest, Wildest, Weirdest Animals in the World. It is a fun and amazing books of some of God’s most interesting creatures!

This book is a colorful, fun introduction to 30 of the “wackiest, wildest and weirdest animals in the world!” It is full of fun, interesting facts about all kinds of animals like the blue-footed booby and the great white shark. Did you know: that rhinoceros horns are made of Keratin—the same thing your fingernails and hair are made of?? Or that in the elephant’s trunk alone, there are about 40,000 muscles? Humans only have about 600-800 muscles in their entire body! WOW.
Included with the book is a DVD of bloopers from the Emmy-winning show Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild. This includes about 30 minutes of outtakes with some of the animals in the wild that didn’t act the way the show needed them to act, which makes for some really good laughs!

I really enjoyed this book and DVD. I loved the fact that Jack attributes these amazing creatures to God their creator. I also enjoyed that his daughter and family were part of his show (and part of the outtakes). If you enjoyed Jack Hanna as a child, you will enjoy sharing this book with your children and looking through it yourself!

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