The I Believe Bunny by Tish Rabe

The I Believe Bunny is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a bunny who believes in God and is thankful for all the wonderful things God has given him, especially "his home in a flower-filled glen where the sun shined a lot." But on this certain day, the sun is not shining and Bunny's "whiskers got droopy, and his ears lost their fluff." Bunny thinks that's quite enough rain, but when invited to play by a bright butterfly, he says no in hopes that the rain will soon stop. Then, Bunny hears a voice calling for help... a little mouse who didn't know how to swim is caught in the quick-flowing river. Bunny knows he doesn't have it in himself to save the little mouse. The Bunny calls out for help, but no one is near. Then Bunny gets a branch from a nearby tree, but it's not long enough to reach the mouse without him falling in. Then Bunny prays for God to help him and it seems at first that God doesn't hear, but the Bunny prays again. All of a sudden three friends come running... Squirrel, Skunk and Raccoon come and help rescue the mouse. Bunny learned something that day.."Have faith in God's love, and you'll find when you do, nothing you try will be impossible for you."

This sweet little book helps small children that even someone their size is capable of "big things" when God is on their side!

When I first received this book, I sat down with my 2.5 yr old daughter and started to read it. She is a very active child and I have not been able to get her to sit and listen.. until this book!! She sat and listened to the WHOLE book -- I was so excited!! Afterward, we went back and looked at the pictures and talked about the story, she loved it! I believe this book is GREAT for preschoolers up to 1st grade maybe. It's a wonderfully written and illustrated book that teaches about God's love and faithfulness. How can it get any better than that?

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