Maire by Linda Windsor

Maire by Linda Windsor is a wonderful Celtic story! It's about a young woman, Maire of Gleanmara, who is coming into her own during the fifth century, as a warrior queen. During this time, Christianity is spreading quickly among all levels of people: scholars, peasants and kings alike.

Rowan of Emrys is a warrior turned scholar when on his deathbed he meets God. After he is healed, he becomes a student of a Christian priest who teaches him the ways of God... he swears off fighting with a sword. Then, Maire and her men land on Rowan's island and he must pick up his sword to protect his home and family. Maire takes Rowan as her hostage and her husband in exchange for sparing the lives of his family. Thus, begins the salvation of Gleanmara, Maire and the Celtic people.

Can they win the battle between what is expected and what seems to be growing? Can they join together and defeat the evil druid Morlach?

This book along with seven other full-length, historical novels by beloved Christian authors will be available this summer for $5.99 through Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group.