Digital stamps...

Wow, I am amazed at the number of digital stamp companies that are coming out of the woodwork!! I have really fallen in love with Dustin Pike's Dragons! And I am sure there are others that are just great out there.

What I wanted to share today though, are some places to get FREE Digi-stamps, so here is a short list of some freebies:

It seems that every Tuesday, Digital Two for Tuesday puts out two free digi stamps. You can even go back and get stamps from past Tuesdays. Very COOL! Most of their stamps seem to be retro images.

Every Thursday, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps has a new digi for you as well. Very cute! This week it's a cupcake with a cherry on top. These stamps are ONLY available on THURSDAYS. If you don't grab them on Thursday, they are gone.

Robyn's Fetish has a new digi-stamp on Wednesdays. This looks to be another blog than you can go through archives and find older freebies.

Dustin Pike also has some wonderful freebies on Wednesday and you can go back through his archives as well.

Another way to get free digi-stamps is to join the SplitCoast Stampers community and check out this forum: Digital Images

Enjoy! I know I do. :-)