The Last Christian by David Gregory

Abigail Caldwell is the 34 year old daughter of missionaries to the Inisi tribe in Papua New Guinea. She has recently emerged from that culture because of a nightmarish ordeal, and has been thrust into the modern culture of the United States in 2088 A.D., where Science is ruler and God is almost nonexistent. Her grandparents left a cryptic message to her, 16 years earlier! Should she tackle the impossible-- reintroducing Christianity to a secular world?

Meanwhile, leading artificial intelligence industry has taken off, creating a technique to download the human brain into a silicon form potentially eliminating physical death. Brain transplants begin, but problems that arise are hidden so the advancement of technology can continue.

Abigail is soon joined by Creighton Daniels, a historian who is concerned about the unexpected death of his father.

You can download the first chapter here: Chapter one.

About the Author:

David Gregory is the coauthor of two nonfiction books and a frequent conference speaker. After a ten-year business career, he returned to school to study religion and communications, earning two master's degrees. David lives in Texas, where he works for a nonprofit organization.

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