The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews

The Boy Who Changed the World is a wonderful tale of 5 different men in history who, by doing one small or simple thing (or by making one small or simple choice/decision), were able to change the world in a big way. 

The book was short enough that my 3 yr old daughter sat on my lap and allowed me to read it to her and it kept her attention.  I doubt that she understood it, but she enjoyed listening to the book while the attractive illustrations kept her focused. 

The Boy Who Changed the World is a wonderful book for children in the second/third grade and up.  I believe my third grader would actually understand that HE could make a difference by one small kindness to a stranger or a friend.  It would be a wonderful gift or book to use in Children's ministry.  It also makes a great companion for a family that is reading The Butterfly Effect.