An Amish Love By Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Long

This book is a compilation of 3 Amish Novels: Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman, A Marriage of the Heart by Kelley Long and What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller.

I really enjoyed this book for several reasons.  First of all, it's Amish... what's not to love?  I have read other books by Beth Wiseman and she does a good job in writing about the Amish... it was a smart move to start with her book.  Second, each book is about different people in the same Amish community. I thought it was great that each different author was able to give a different voice to the different characters... sometimes it's hard to break from one voice when writing about another (the stories end up sounding the same), but with different authors the stories were kept fresh and different.

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman is about Naaman and Lavina Lapp.  Naaman is home after a year away of "finding himself"... did he lose his wife and family in that time?  Levina's husband left her a year ago. During the time he was gone, she had to do a lot more chores and get used to a lot of changes that come with living alone.  She also had to endure the looks and whispers of her neighbors.  Can she forgive Naaman?  How do they move forward?

A Marriage of the Heart by Kelley Long is written around Joseph Lambert and Abigail Kauffman.  Joseph left the Amish community, but has returned and longs to be reinstated. Abigail Kauffman has been reared in the Amish community by a distant father.  Suddenly their lives are thrown together when a prank she pulls forces them to marry... Can they find true love? 

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller is about Ellie Chupp who loses her sight in a car accident and then loses her intended because of her blindness.  Chris Miller left the community when the same accident killed his fiancee.  Chris returns home 5 years later to find, what?  He's not sure, but then he meets Ellie.  Can they help eachother find love and forgiveness? 

An Amish Love is a heart-warming compilation that any "Amish-loving" reader will enjoy!