The Promises She Keeps by Erin Healy

WOW, Wow, wow... I really liked this one!  I will admit, when I first heard of Erin Healy, I was skeptical... she was collaborating with one of my favorite authors, Ted Dekker!  I wasn't sure if she was going to mess his writings up or what, but turns out, I really like her!! 

The Promises She Keeps is about darkness, evil and hatred that is fought by light, purity and love.  Promise is a young woman fighting with every breath she takes to have her name remembered, even if the Cystic Fibrosis takes her sooner rather than later. Chase is an artistic young man that lives with his twin sister Chelsea.  Chase draws trees on black paper in white and because of his autism he lives his life very scheduled.  Zach is a lost soul whose mother is pure evil.  Porta, Zach's mom, is in her 70's and owns an art gallery... she uses whatever means she can to sell her art, including drugged, cursed incense. 

Promise finds that she survives several incidents that should have killed her. Porta, believes that Promise is the "one" she's been looking for. Can Chase or Zach save Promise from Porta's ruthlessness?

This book really spoke to me about what is important in life.  It not only was an "entertaining" read, but an insightful read.  I give it two thumbs up.  I will be looking for Erin Healy's first book, Never Let You Go, now.

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