Thank you God for Mommy by Amy Parker

I received this book on my Kindle to review. I was a little skeptical at first because I knew it was a children's book full of colorful pictures to draw a child's attention.  I was honestly worried that the book might not hold my daughter's attention since the Kindle is not color.  I don't know why I ever worried!

Thank You God for Mommy by Amy Parker and illustrated by Frank is a beautifully written story that tells about all the wonderful things that moms do every day.  Not only is the verse easy on the ears and easy to understand, but thee pictures are beautiful -- even in black and white!  It's a perfect way to teach children to be thankful for their moms and help them voice how they feel.  It also reminds us of all the things moms do for their families and even for others who are just in need.  As a mom, it reminded me to do these things and to be thankful for the children God gave me to do for them.

Thank You God for Mommy is a great little gift book for new moms, small children and grandparents. It would be the perfect addition to any little ones' Easter Basket.