Field of Vision

Do you remember the after school specials that used to air on TV?  They were some of my favorite movies as a kid... they always had a "moral to the story" and usually spoke to something going on in a teen/child's life.  Well  that is exactly what Field of Vision by Family Movie Night reminded me of.  

Field of Vision is about a young man (Cory) who moves to a new town to live with a family that is not his.  He never really Knew his father and his mother died when he was young.  Cory doesn't really like school and plans on dropping out when he turns 18, but he does enjoy football, so he goes out for the team.  Coach allows him on the team, but says he can't promise that he'll play.  Cory also loves to read and is actually very smart, in class he answers questions that no one else on the football team can answer and in doing so, he makes enemies.  The football bullies attack Cory.  First, they take his clothes and strew the contents of his backpack in the locker room. Second, they rough him up a little and threaten him and take his backpack. Tyler, the team captain, thinks he knows who is doing the bullying (Cory isn't telling) but he doesn't want to upset the chance of winning the state championship (by getting these guys kicked off the team). 

Will Tyler do the right thing?  Can Cory fit in and find some peace in his young life?  These questions and more are answered by the end of Field of Vision.

All in all, it really was a good, clean, wholesome movie that teaches values!  WOW!! We don't see that much anymore!  Enjoy it with your family... we can all use the reminder of doing the right thing is always right.