Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond

Susannah heads to Dakota as a mail-order bride after her parents both die and leave her alone and in debt.  When she arrives and finds her husband at the train station she is unsure if she will ever find her dream = true love.

Jesse Mason is the homesteading brother, former military, older brother of Susannah's minister.  Minister Mason and his wife, Ellen, are good friends of Susannah and encourage her to write to his brother in Dakota. They eventually perform the wedding ceremony and then ship her out on a train.  Jesse, is unsure of the woman his brother is sending... will she be strong enough to make it in the west as a homesteader's wife? Will she meet another man on her way out and marry him instead of Jesse?  Will she love Jesse and be happy with him?

They have many hurdles to get over including nightmares from the war, their family differences, grasshoppers, fires, miscarriage. Through it all, will they make it and learn to love each other and God the way they should?

Spring for Susannah was a wonderful read! I didn't want to put it down.  It was emotional and endearing and it reminded me of God's love for us all.  Catherine Richmond has hit a home run with her first novel, Spring for Susannah.