Too Rich for a Bride By Mona Hodgson

Ida Sinclair moves to Cripple Creek, Colorado, joining her sisters Nell and Kat, and moving away from men who believe that women don't belong in business to work with a woman.  Ida shows up in Cripple Creek very disheveled and ready to begin her new life, hopefully working for successful business woman, Mollie O'Bryan.

Working with Mollie is a dream come true! Ida learns how to play the stock market and is excited about her growing bank account and promising accomplishments.  Her family is not so excited about her business acquaintances and they worry about her wellbeing.

In the meantime, two men are vying for Ida's attentions.  One seems too good to be true and the other she just can't figure out. She ignores the men's attentions, as well as, suggestions from others that she doesn't belong in business, no woman does, in order to achieve the career she's always wanted.

While some readers have said that Too Rich For A Bride is predictable, I found it very enjoyable.  I love reading about the Wild West (especially after living in CO), and I love the fact that Hodgson includes Mollie O'Bryan, a real-life character.   While, somewhat easy to read and predictable, it was refreshing and relaxing.  Who says you need a book that strains your brain every time you sit down to read?  Not me!!  I enjoyed the first book in this series, Two Brides Too Many, and I look forward to future books as well.