Women of Faith in Review...

This was my 10th or 11th Women of Faith Event to attend, and they changed it up this year.  So, I am kind of struggling with how I feel about the WOF Conf in general.

As a whole, it was a awesome experience.  The music is upbeat and uplifting if a little loud at times.  I think the music is geared more toward the younger crowd.  I am coming up on 40 and it was little much for me at times, but for the most part I LOVED it!! We brought some "older ladies" with us and I have a feeling that they didn't love the music, but my teen daughter couldn't get enough of it!  Natalie Grant and Mary Mary were the main music guests and they were amazing, but again their music was not for everyone.

The drama section of the conference was not what it has been in past.  I felt like this year didn't have as much as past years and I felt like it was more serious in content.  Nicole Johnson, dramatist/speaker/writer, presented several "skits." I can't remember the name of the first one, but I am pretty sure that I had seen it before.  The second one was this one:

While there was no "new" drama, I was blown away when Nicole actually SPOKE to us.  Usually, she just does drama, but this weekend she shared about her own life and the brokenness she experienced from early childhood into adulthood and then how God has worked in her life and brought healing.  He has made something beautiful from something that seemed so ugly, trash to treasure!  What a blessing and uplifting message to share with women from all over that have experienced brokenness and a feeling of trash/uselessness in their own lives.

The main speakers were a little different this year.  In past years there were 4 or 5 main women that sat on "the porch" and each one brought a message... or a different take on the theme of the event. Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson (now deceased), Luci Swindoll, Marilyn Meberg and Thelma Wells have been the speakers in the past, but this year we had Sheila and Luci.  From what I've heard Patsy and Marilyn are doing the "west coast" events while Sheila and Luci do the east coast.  Maybe they will swap next year. The good thing about this separation was that Sheila and Luci were able to get in the word and share more from their own personal experiences.  It's like we got to know them better instead of the just seeing the small snippet or glimpse of their lives.  We also had Lisa Harper and Angie Smith who shared with us.  I would love to KNOW Lisa Harper personally!  She was hilarious and engaging and just beautiful inside and out.  I really "enjoyed" her take on the woman who was caught in adultery and the breaking down of that part of Scripture.  I will be looking for more from her!  Angie Smith is an online blogger, mother of many and wife to Todd Smith, singer for the Christian music group- Selah.  Not only is she a beautiful woman, but she is funny, real and God-believing woman of faith.  You can go to her blog, Bring the Rain, to find out more about her... I am just so glad she came and shared at Women of Faith.

So, I will say, I really enjoyed the conference.  I enjoyed hearing more in depth from Sheila and Luci.  I enjoyed meeting Lisa and Angie... I would love to have lunch with them!  I was a little distracted by the change, but otherwise it was a blessing beyond belief.  It was an awesome chance to get away from the mundane of everyday and to bond with women from all around my region who are going through similar things and experiencing the same emotions and life happenings that I am experiencing.  I also needed to hear some things and be reminded of some things that I heard this weekend.  

    "Peace is not the absence of pain, it is the presence of Christ." Sheila Walsh

Do I recommend the Women of Faith Conference-- YES!!  No matter your age (well, 15 or so and older), I think you will get something from WOF.  If you don't like loud music, bring ear plugs.  If you can't sit long... that's okay because you can do lots of walking/standing if you so desire.  What should you bring?  
      ~ A heart that is ready to hear what God is going to say to you.
      ~ Tissues, because you will probably cry.  You also might laugh until you cry.  
      ~ A friend... you will definitely what to experience this with someone.
      ~  If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad that you can read the Bible on or take notes, that would be good.               
          But you really need the lighting if you plan to do either... otherwise, it is too dark to read along or 
          take notes.

As soon as you are able, check out Women of Faith.  Pray about taking a group of women from your church or neighborhood.  Plan a weekend with the girls and get ready to see God move!!