The Shunning - A Movie Based on the Book by Beverly Lewis

I sat down today to watch The Shunning once more.  I watched it about a week ago, but during my viewing of the movie I was distracted/interrupted too many times to really grasp it all.  I left my first viewing not very happy with the movie.

Katie Lapp is a young Amish woman who is the prime of her life. She is getting ready to marry the young widower who is also their Bishop. Her father has given his blessing and her dowry. Katie is having her doubts and missing her first love, Daniel Fisher, who disappeared 3 years earlier and was never found.  She also continues to struggle with the "old ways" especially when it comes to her guitar and music.

A strange English woman appears in the community.  Laura Mayfield is looking for Rebecca, Katie's mom. Unbeknownst to Katie, Laura is the woman who gave birth to Katie, but as a young, single mother, she gave Katie to Rebecca after Rebecca lost yet another child at birth.

During the movie, there are parts that seem confusing or just unexplained.  Some of the conversation and filming is choppy.  For example, there is a scene where Katie and John are before the minister about to become a married couple and Katie says she can't get married.  The movie goes from John looking around the "church" to Katie sitting behind a tree holding herself and crying while hiding from those that are looking for her.  In this scene, her pretty blue wedding dress and white apron are covered in dirt as are her hands and arms.  It makes you wonder if she was digging for something... but never shows what or how she got that dirty if she wasn't.  Oh, and you can tell that Katie and Rebecca have eye make-up on... which we know that unless an Amish woman is in her rumspringe (sp?), then she doesn't wear any make-up/ jewelry or any other "worldly" thing.

Okay, now that I've gotten the stuff I didn't like out.  Here's the stuff I did like.  The movie stayed true to the book.  It's a good movie, even though it's kind of sad.  It shows that the Amish go through some of the same struggles we do and it's not always a happy ending.  You also see that just as the English world isn't perfect, neither is the Amish world.  The movie does give some insight into the Amish world, although not as much as it could.  The movie also leaves you hanging which I hope means that they will be making a second and third movie (to go along with the second and third books in the series).

I would say watch the movie, but don't judge the movie by the book.  Maybe the movie will spark your interest and you'll check out the whole series that goes with the book.   For more information click here or check it out on Facebook.

Beverly Lewis' The Shunning - Video | Hallmark Channel

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