Theo... Teaching Children God's Word

Theo opens on a beautiful English countryside scene and zooms inside a cottage to Theo, an elderly gentleman, who is singing Amazing Grace.  Theo is a student of God's Word, the Bible and the stories are built around his experiences and how life interacts with the Bible.  Theo teaches systematic theology on the level of a child.

I sat down with my 4 year old to watch the video I was sent for this review.  It included 2 episodes: Saving Faith and Good News that last 5 mins and 9mins respectively.  I am not sure if that is the "normal" runtime for these videos... compared to what we are used to, they are short though.

Now, to the GREAT stuff about Theo.  First and foremost, it's Biblically accurate.  I really appreciate that in these videos. It seems to me that there is a LOT of sugar-coating and making politically correct nowadays and it's not a good thing.  Second, the animation is good.  It's smooth and deep and not cheap looking at all. You and I have both seen "cheap cartoons" and then good stuff (aka Disney quality).  This is very nice.  Thirdly, I liked the amount of music in the videos.  Some of the music had words , like when Theo is singing... some of the music was just a backdrop, but I LOVE music and it went well with the video.

If you check out the website for Theo, you'll see there is curriculum to go along with the videos-- I LOVE that!!!  It can be used for Sunday School, Children's Church, Parent's Night Out or whatever else you can think of!  There are also available at this time 3 coloring sheets to go along with the series.

For more information checkout Theo Presents.