The Mighty Macs... inspired by a true story

I was able to watch a screener of The Mighty Macs on Tuesday and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!! The Mighty Macs is inspired by the true story of Cath Rush and a tiny all-women's Catholic college, Immaculata College in Philadelphia.

After being cut from her high school team and never getting over it, newlywed Cathy dreams of coaching a girl's basketball team and succeeding.  She walks into the Catholic college and is not well met.  The funds at the college are low and they really don't have the money for a basketball team, she is offered $450 for the season. When she accepts the position she's handed a somewhat deflated and well-aged basketball and told not to lose it because it's the school's last ball.   Cathy faces many obstacles (in her marriage, with the sisters, and in the coaching world)  as do the girls on the team, but through it all they endure, become a team and succeed!!

This was an amazing movie of hope, teamwork and getting past diversity and obstacles.  I cried tears of joy and sorrow and clapped at the successes! My favorite part, is that The Mighty Macs is based on a true story!!

The movie comes out in theaters this Friday... GO SEE IT!!

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