Protection for Hire by Camy Tang

Protection for Hire by Camy Tang was really different from the books I am used to reading by her.  It is categorized as "general, Christian, fiction" and most of what I have read by her has been "chic-lit."  While it was different, Protection for Hire was just as good as her Sushi Series.

Tessa Lancaster, niece of the head of a Japanese mafia gang, is an enforcer with skills that earned her a position in the otherwise "all-guy" mafia.  Her position earns her respect (or fear as the case may be), but also a prison sentence that she doesn't deserve when she takes the blame for a murder she didn't commit.  While in prison, Tessa turns her life over to Christ and decides to change her ways.  Three months after her release, she meets socialite Elizabeth St. Amant while volunteering at a domestic abuse shelter.  Elizabeth is running from an abusive husband and hires Tessa to be her bodyguard.

Tessa has several problems to overcome: her Uncle Teruo, who doesn't understand why she can't return to the mafia, Elizabeth's husband, who is relentless in coming after her, even trying to kill her,  Alicia her own sister who drives her crazy and is constantly snipping at her and Charles Britton, Elizabeth's lawyer, who is the one who made sure that Tessa served the maximum time behind bars, unbeknownst to Tessa.

Tessa and Charles have to work together to protect Elizabeth and her son and try to get her inheritance back from Elizabeth's husband in the midst of deadly circumstances and hidden truths coming to light.

There is definitely some suspense and a little darkness in this book.  It's still a "good read" filled with hope, growth and a budding romance!  I can't wait until the second book in the series comes out, especially after the teaser excerpt at the end of this book.