Blessed be Your Name!!

Six years ago.. I was unexpectedly expecting our fifth child.  You see, after our 4 child, I had an IUD put in and it was supposed to last 10yrs.  When the doctor tried to take the IUD out, he couldn't get to it. When I went to a specialist to get it removed, he told me there was more of a likelihood of losing the baby if he removed the IUD.  When he told me the things that could happen if I didn't get the IUD removed as opposed to an 80% chance of miscarriage if they did take it out, I said LEAVE IT!!   The first 16 weeks of pregnancy were filled with tears and prayers.

 During that time, God tested my faith.  Using this song, Blessed Be Your Name, God said to me, "I am the giver of life and I am the taker.  Will you love me whether I give you this life or take it away?  Can you put your trust in me?"  I chose to trust Him, but it was not easy.  I constantly prayed and when singing this song I cried alot, but it was my song during that time.

Yesterday, during our worship time at church we sang this song and it brought up the memories and tears. Only, these were happy tears... As I was singing and praising God, my right hand lifted in praise, my left arm was wrapped around my five year old gift from God.  She is such a blessing!!  I am so thankful that God saw fit to go ahead and give that life, but I know that if God had decided to take that life instead, I would still praise Him!!