First Date by Krista McGee

      Having two teen daughters, I am always on the lookout for a good book for them to read.  I'm not just talking about a good story, I'm also concerned with the actual content-- is it age appropriate? Does it have language and content I don't mind them reading?  Does it encourage a good relationship with God?

     First Date by Krista McGee is everything I hope for in a book for my girls!!  It's a lighthearted, interesting story with an emphasis on a relationship with God that is entertaining and eye-opening.

Addy Davidson is your normal teen girl.  She studies hard, plays hard and has chores.  When her principal calls her into his office to tell her she's been picked for a reality TV show, she's freaked out!  She doesn't like to be center stage or in the spotlight.  

"The Book of Love" Reality TV show is similar to The Bachelor-- you have 1 good-looking,  famous or rich guy, 30 or so beautiful, personable girls and a flower.  The Book of Love stars the president's son, Jonathan and the goal of the show is to pick one girl as Jonathan's prom date.  Addy has to go up against all these girls to "win" a date with Jonathan-- something she has NO desire to do.  

First Date does a great job of showing how it would be with so many girls vying for one young man's attention.  How will Addy best represent God?  Can she share her faith with those around her?  Can she keep her cool in the midst of the craziness?  

I would definitely recommend this book for school libraries, church libraries, teens, young adults, and my age  [(almost 40) for a quick, enjoyable  read]. I am already looking forward to the next book Starring Me by Krista McGee.