Six Way to Keep the "Good" in Your Boy by Dannah Gresh

In my previous post, you are given a summary of this book and you can read the first chapter, so this post is my actual review of the book.

I chose this book to review because I have 2 boys who are 10 and 11 (12 in May).  Honestly, I am desperate at times trying to understand my boys and praying for them NOW and their future.  It is overwhelming... seriously.  I just don't understand the mind of the male (at any age, ha).  So, I dove in to reading this book hoping for some serious answers or help to the mind boggling life of rearing a Godly young man and helping find himself and who God wants him to be.  

There are some really good points in the book. One is that young boys need good role models in their lives.  So what about single moms, are they just out of luck?  Dannah gets her friends Angela Thomas to speak to rearing boys in a single mom home... and there are lots of good suggestions.

One thing I specifically took away from this is that my husband and sons relate and communicate in a different manner than I communicate and relate to my sons.  And that is okay.  I have worried in the past about the way my boys and husband spend time together.... but Dannah (and her husband, Bob) have eased my concerns.  I am going to go back and reread this book.. probably several times to get the most out of it.  

While I DO recommend the book, I would say , as with any "self-help" or Christian-living book-- take what works for you, what fits in your life and use it. Ask God to help you to draw from the book the truths He wants for you and your family.  If you can get your husband to read the book-- even better!!  I don't think my husband would read it, but I look forward to learning more and sharing with him what I learn.  

Most of all, remember that You are the parent GOD chose for your son(s).  So, you are the BEST parent for him!!