Stand by Me by Neta Jackson

Kathryn Davies is an energetic college education major filled with dreams, ideals and a desire to save the world.  She is the daughter of a Phoenix cardiologist who expected her to be premed.... and whom she disappointed.  When she and her friends decide to stay in the city for the summer and experience the urban culture... they have no idea what they are in for.

Avis Douglass has it together.  She's turning 50, has an amazing husband, a good job and a good place in her church.  Trouble with her daughter Rochelle stirs up Avis's life, but that's only the beginning.  She doesn't have time to deal with the silliness of some know-it-all college graduate who thinks she has the world by it's tail.

Stand by Me by Neta Jackson is the first of the SouledOut Sisters novels.  Just as in her Yada Yada Prayer Group books, Neta Jackson has touched so many everyday, everybody situations in this one book.  She deals with newness to the Christian life, finding God's direction for your life, death, hope, forgiveness, encouragement, humility, racism, and so much more.

I would definitely recommend this book... for personal reading or a book club.  It includes some conversations/thought-provoking questions in the back of the book.

Pick it up, and enjoy!