The Dublin Destiny by Jill Twigg

Rylee Shannon is in trouble... she must flee her home in Dublin, Ireland to escape those who are seeking to hurt her.  She ends up in Dublin, Georgia at the home of her mom's lifelong pen-pal, Lucy, a complete stranger.  Part of her escape and protection includes an arranged marriage to the town's most eligible bachelor, Bonnie's son, a Christian doctor, Patrick.  When she arrives in Georgia, she is overweight, unkempt and introverted.  It takes a lot for Lucy to draw Rylee out and requires the help of a girl Rylee's own age, Jacque.  Soon, Rylee is on her way to a new self... she works out, buys new clothes and braces and gets a new hairstyle.    All the while, her husband is away on a mission trip and doesn't know the transformation that has taken place.

Patrick McClellan is not so sure about the arrangement his mom has agreed to in helping this young Irish woman.  When he meets her, he can't believe his eyes... boy does she need help.  Something or someone has hurt her... emotionally, physically, both? He's not sure.  He begins praying for her and being kind to her, but he's looking forward to being away for 7 months... when he comes home, they will get an annulment and move on with their lives.  During his time away, he keeps in contact with his mom and always says something kind to Rylee, but he has no idea of the transformation going on in her life.  

What does God have in store for Rylee?  How could He let the horrible things that had happened to her happen if He was a loving God?  Would she ever be able to return to her home in Ireland? Would she ever see her mother again?  The Dublin Destiny is a lovely store of hope, restoration and unexpected love.  


While the story line is very good, the writing could really use some development.  There were several times during the book that I got very frustrated trying to make sense of what the author was saying.  There were also several times that the author said the same thing over and again just in a different way... once would have sufficed.  

All in all, I would recommend this book.  As I said, it's a good story.  It brought forth emotions, it was a bit suspenseful and sometimes funny.  I enjoyed it.  It's also a quick read.  

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