Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

Brad and Darlene Henderson move with their three teenagers to the country from Houston.  They believe this will be a new start for all of them. Adjusting is difficult for Chad, Grace and Ansley, but “good girl” Grace is having the hardest time and hides her secret coping mechanism.  
Brad commutes to work in Houston, praying and hoping for partnership in the CPA firm where he’s worked for a while.  He wants to give Darlene all that she has hoped for with improvements at home.  Darlene misses her friend Gina and her family, as they don’t seem to need her anymore, so she gets a job.  She envisions all the work she’ll be able to help pay for on her grandparents farm where they are now living.  
Layla is the nearest neighbor.  She’ lovely and capable but stand-offish.  When Darlene reaches out, Layla draws back.  She has secrets to protect and an anger at God to harbor.  
While family life hasn’t always been easy, Brad and Darlene have had a good marriage.  They’ve made it through all that life has thrown their way.  The new changes, from the move to the new job and new friends, present new obstacles and challenges in their marriage.  
“Experience a family’s triumph over lies, betrayal, and loss 
while still clinging to the One who matters most.”
     Need You Now is the first non-Amish book I have read by Beth Wiseman.  I wasn’t sure how it would be and at first I struggled getting into the book... I think this was my fault though.  
     While not everyone has the same struggles that the Henderson family goes through, we have all had struggles... in relationships, in decisions and with God.  While reading this book, I noticed how we often do something wrong, then try to rationalize it... either blaming someone else, even to the point of making it up, or blaming God, and then instead of drawing closer to God we often pull away.  If only we would accept responsibility for our own mistakes and repent. 
     This book is wonderful.  It really hit home, not for any particular thing, but just in general with how I deal with my own situations and sins.  It’s a good read, a quick read and I would definitely recommend it along with a box of tissues! 

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