The Anniversary Waltz by Darren Nelson

Book Description from back cover:

At their sixtieth anniversary party, Adam Carlson asks his wife, Elizabeth, for their customary waltz. After the dance they gather the family and share their story—a story of love and courage overcoming adversity and thriving in the face of overwhelming odds.
It’s the summer of 1946, and Adam has just returned from the war to his home in Reunion, Montana. At a town festival he meets Elizabeth Baxter, a young woman going steady with his former high school rival and now influential banker, Nathan Roberts.
When Adam and Elizabeth share a waltz in a deserted pavilion one evening, their feelings begin to grow and they embark on a journey, and a dance, that will last a lifetime.

My Review: 

Darren Nelson has done a beautiful job painting this picture of a post-war hero returning to the farm to face his somewhat estranged father.  His father felted abandoned when Adam headed off to war.  As Adam comes home, things have changed and not necessarily for the better.  The farm is in disrepair, his father won't speak to him or when he does it's not in love and his mom has aged.   Adam attends the town festival with his best friend/cousin and meets his soul mate, Elizabeth, who is dating his childhood rival and now influential banker, Nathan Roberts.

As Adam and Elizabeth fight for their future together, they face all odds as a couple.  The day before their wedding, tragedy strikes.  Will it change their plans for the future?  How will they overcome the adversity to be able to share many anniversary waltzes to come?

Nelson's beautiful story paints such an emotional and beautiful story of love, overcoming adversity, loss and hope.  It's definitely worth reading!!  

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