The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman, MD

I received The Blood Sugar Solution and was immediately overwhelmed and unsure.  I have not had it long enough to follow the 6 week plan that is described in the book, so I thought I would just tell you what is included in the book.  I did want to review this book because someone I love is affected by high blood sugar (diabetes) and couldn't we all stand to lose a little weight?

So, in this book you will find 400+ pages filled with information about:

*How to use the book
*Do You have Diabesity?
*Introduction: Diabesity- What you Don't Know May Kill You.

The Rest of the book is broken into SIX parts, which are:

Part 1 - Understanding the Modern Plague
Part 2 - The Seven Steps to Treating Diabesity
Part 3 -  The Blood Sugar Solution: Preparation
Part 4 - The Six-week Action Plan
Part 5 - Take Back our Health
Part 6 - The Blood Sugar Solution Meal Plan and Recipes

While the idea of this program seems excellent, the ability to actually follow through seems somewhat out of reach.  I am a mom with 5 kids and while I realize that health and food are important to their future as well as my own, I also know that most people live on a fixed income and that most of the supplements and many of the recipes listed are expensive and the cost is out of reach for most people in my situation.

The reading of this book is rather dry, it's almost an overload of information that I will NEVER understand (even with a college degree).  Dr Hyman suggests working with your physician so your doctor will need to be willing to look at Dr. Hyman’s approach and views, and open to working that direction. The recipes included sound good, but pricy, and includes a shopping list to make preparation easier, although some are hard to find. Also, the supplements recommended seem to be only available on his website

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle then pick up The Blood Sugar Solution is a book to consider. 
If nothing else, it can give you some direction and insight on this epidemic.