Nerf FireVision... keeping playing into the night!

Put FireVision in your game with an exciting new twist on classic sports action. Lights Out, Game On!

I was recently sent the Nerf FireVision Football (pictured above) that came with two Nerf FireVision Sports Frames and when I opened it up, I was attacked by my boys (ages 10 and 12).  They were so excited to get to try this new toy out... until I told them that their father and I got to try it first!

Here's a description taken from the Hasbro website: 

FIREVISION SPORTS features incredible Microprism Technology, which creates a glowing streak of light, day or night. When you activate your FIREVISION ball with a pair of cool FIREVISION Frames, you reveal a glow with a range over 100 feet/30 meters. The FIREVISION football is performance engineered to generate spiraling streaks of light whenever you turn on your FIREVISION Frames and throw it to a friend. Put glow in your game with the power of Microprism Technology and the FIREVISION Football!CAUTION: Discontinue use if reflective material begins to separate.
NOTE: Not for play in complete darkness. Know your surroundings and clear the area of obstructions before each use.
Grab a friend and fire up your game with the FIREVISION football. Glowing bright, day or night, FIREVISION Football keeps you playing at the top of your game! Only you and other players equipped with the awesome FIREVISION Frames can see the incredible glowing path carved through the air by the FIREVISION Football. Choose your team, and change the color of the glow with red or green FIREVISION Frames. With a range over 100 feet/30 meters, the FIREVISION Football is the ultimate ball to bring glow to your game.
Fire up the field
Put on your FIREVISION Frames and power up to bring glow to your game. The performance-engineered FIREVISION Football features awesome new Microprism Technology that generates a glow, even in the light. Choose your team, and change the color of the glow with red or green FIREVISION Frames. Then, pass to your teammates down field up to 100 feet away, and watch the ball generate an amazing streak of light the entire way. When you play with FIREVISION gear, you fire up the field!
Microprism Technology blazes with energy!
Choose your team with red or green FIREVISION Frames. Whichever color you choose, that’s the color your Football will glow. Put on your Frames, power up, and check out the incredible glow generated by the Microprism Technology embedded in your ball. With a range over 100 feet/30 meters, you’ve got the power you need to fire up any game.
Includes: Football with Microprism Technology, 2 pairs of FIREVISION Frames, and instructions.
Features: • Bright blazing light
• FIREVISION Frames activate your ultra-bright glowing ball, day or night!
• No charging
• Battery-powered FIREVISION Frames let you play for hours without stopping to charge up the glow!
• Microprism Technology blazes with energy
• Glow with a range of more than 100 feet/30 meters!
• The ball glows a different color depending on whether you wear red or green FIREVISION Frames!
Ages 6 and up.

My husband and I finally got a chance to try this out and we had a blast!!  The FireVision Frames come in red or green and there is a small switch on the top with which to turn them off and on.  We spread out and were able to pass the football with no problem.  Then, my boys got a turn... they had so much fun, they didn't want to come inside!!  
This would be a great toy for any age (the product recommends 6 and up... I would agree).  It's a great party toy or just a family thing.  I would definitely recommend investing it several more pairs of the FireVision Frames, since only two come with the Football.  If you wanted to play teams, more than two is a necessity.   

Here's the link to purchase additional FireVision Frames:    

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I am a BzzAgent and was provided the Nerf FireVision Football set to try out and review, giving my honest opinion.  I was not compensated any other way.