See the Light Art Class by Pat Holt

I received Disc 1 of the See the Light Art Class by Pat Holt to review.  In order to review it, I sat down with my son, who is very interested in art, and watched the videos.  Disc 1 (or Volume 1) is the basics of art.  This volume teaches the art supplies needed, the correct way to hold your pencil for different shading and line thicknesses. The teacher discusses shading, perception and many other of the basics.  My son has taken Art in the public schools for several years, and most of the information given on this volume he already knew, but there was a thing or two that was brand new to him.  Not only did Pat teach about drawing, but she related the lesson to a Bible lesson.  
I really enjoyed this volume.  It was definitely a BASIC lesson, so it's perfect for the child that has never had any art instruction or for the child that needs a review of the Basics.  I would love to see the other volumes and see what they might include.  There was also a bonus lesson that had to do with a chalk drawing. It was amazing to watch the woman go from a blank sheet of paper to a lovely chalk drawing of the Jerusalem!!  This series would definitely make a great addition to your homeschool curriculum or as an extracurricular program for any child.

About See The Light
SEE THE LIGHT  is dedicated to bringing scripture and biblical principles to viewers in a fresh, engaging way. . . and promising to teach some exciting art skills along the way!
Twenty members of The CWA Review Crew have been given the opportunity to select and review one of three products from See The Light.
Reviewers had their choice of Art Class, Art Projects or Bible Stories.
Art Class is a 9 DVD/36 lesson series geared for ages 6 + that includes:
  • Step by Step Tutoring
  • Integrated Art History & Biblical Truth
  • Progressive Skill Building
  • No Workbooks Ever – Only Basic Supplies
  • Three bonus lessons 
This series qualifies for the Fine Arts school requirement.

About the Creator:

Pat Holt has a passion for children and a heart for missions. She has worked with children since she volunteered for church ministry at age 14 before earning degrees in education and instructional technology.  Since then, she’s taught in public schools and founded a Christian school while authoring many books including the bestselling When You Feel Like Screaming – Help For Frustrated Mothers and the award winningDon’t Give in, Give Choices, as well as being a guest on a multitude of radio and TV programs. She was awarded the Gold Medallion in Christian Education by the Evangelical Publishers Association. Pat and her husband, Dave, live in California.
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