Kroger Deli Chicken .... a Bzzz Agent review:

I few weeks ago, I finally received the coupons I was promised from BzzzAgent.  The coupons are pictured here:

Sundays are the best day for me to use something like this... My husband is a pastor and this keeps me from having to labor over a meal when we get home from church or try to figure out something the night before for the crockpot.  I was thrilled to try Kroger Deli Chicken!!  

On the way home, we stopped in and I used the three coupons pictured above AND I purchased an additional 8pc chicken.  When we got home, I also made up an additional side to go with the chicken.. something quick (Kraft Mac & Cheese).  When we sat down to eat... we were extremely disappointed.  The chicken was terribly dry.  The kids got out the ranch dressing just to ease it down their throats.  SO, my husband called up the Kroger where we had purchased the chicken.  He spoke to the manager and told him exactly what happened.  The manager was extremely apologetic and asked us to give him a second chance, of course, we said sure.  That Thursday, after a long day at VBS, we stopped by Kroger-- again thrilled to not have to labor over a meal -- and picked up two 8 pc fried chicken meals. 
This time the chicken was fresh and moist and delicious!

I have had Kroger Deli Fried Chicken before.  We actually prefer it over KFC or Walmart or whatever other competitor is out there.  It's not as greasy as KFC, it's USUALLY more moist than Walmart and so on.  We have been very happy with Kroger Deli Fried Chicken... and it's AFFORDABLE.

So, while this started out as a bad experience, I will say it's not the norm.  Please... give your neighborhood Kroger a chance, check it out and ENJOY!