Warning Signs by Katy Lee

About Warning Signs

When a drug-smuggling ring rocks a small coastal town, the DEA sends Agent Owen Matthews to shut it down. A single father with a deaf son, Owen senses that the town’s number one suspect—the high school’s new principal—doesn’t fit the profile.
Miriam Hunter hoped to shrug off the stigma of her hearing impairment when she returned to Stepping Stones, Maine. But her recurring nightmares dredge up old memories that could prove her innocence—and uncover the truth behind a decades-old murder. Yet Owen’s help may not be enough when someone decides to keep Miriam silenced—permanently.

About the Author: 

Katy Lee is an Inspirational Romantic Suspense author writing higher-purpose stories in high-speed worlds. As an inspirational author, speaker, children's ministry director, and home-schooling mom, she loves to share tales of love, from the "greatest love story ever told" to those sweet romantic stories of falling in love. Her Love Inspired Suspense novel, WARNING SIGNS, will release in October 2013. Katy lives in New England with her husband, three children, and two cats. Keep in touch with Katy at her website, www.KatyLeeBooks.com

My Take: 

I have read many of these Love Inspired Books, but I believe the Suspense category is my absolute favorite.  I believe Warning Signs is the first book I have read by author Katy Lee.  Warning Signs is her second offering in Christian fiction.

When Agent Owen Matthews meets Principal Miriam Hunter, sparks fly between them, and they continue to fly throughout the book-- but not always in a good way.  There is an obvious (and well-written) attraction between them, but because of her being a suspect in his case and the fact that she's deaf he is stand-offish.  She thinks he can't abide her because of her being differently-abled, but honestly, he is reminded about a mistake in his past and his son, who he just can't face because of the guilt he feels from that mistake.  Can the two of them put aside their differences to figure out who is the real drug smuggler?  Can she help him with his relationship with his son? Can he ever be trusted with love again? Will she figure out the mystery of her own past? And will she ever be able to overcome the prejudice against her and her deafness?

Such a small book, to answer so many questions, but Katy Lee does an amazing job answering these and more.  Warning Signs is wonderfully written, easily entertaining and worth every minute.  Pick it up and enjoy!!  You can preorder now from Amazon.com or look for it on October 1st!