Maggi So Juicy Seasoning, a review

I'm part of the BzzAgent group of testers, word-of-mouth sharers and reviews and I recently received a sample of Maggi So Juicy Seasoning Packets seen below (except the Tomato & Paprika):

Tonight, my family tried the Garlic & Tomato seasoning on chicken.  The preparation of this is SO easy!!  You preheat the oven, place the chicken in the included oven bag, sprinkle on the seasoning and close up with included tie.

It says to place the dish on the lowest rack, and remove any racks above it (because the bag swells up). I accidentally DIDN'T put it on the lowest rack or remove additional racks:

Bake for 45-60 mins.  Take dish out and let it rest for 3mins or so (or you'll get BURNED by the steam that has built up in the bag).  After it rests, cut open the top of the bag carefully.

(I forgot to take a picture before I took all the chicken out of the bag).  Serve.  I served with rice and some of my family decided to use the juice from the bag over their rice.  The chicken was so juicy and flavorful!!   Yummy!

Another plus?  Clean-up is a breeze.  You can see my pan in the next to last picture is still CLEAN!! :) Made my dishwasher (husband) very happy!

Thank you Maggi and BzzAgent so much for the opportunity to try this seasoning and share coupons with my friends!!