Kroger Skillet Meals, Garlic Bread and Fresh Salad Selections Kit: A Review

Tonight I served my family a delicious meal of Spicy Orange Chicken, Salad and Garlic bread.  How long did I labor over this yummy, healthy meal?  Only about 15minutes!  What??

I am a member of BzzAgent, a product testing and reviewing program where I get to test out different products and share my opinion and start a buzz about these products.  Recently, I received coupons for one free bag of the Kroger Skillet Meals, a free garlic bread and one free Kroger Fresh Salad Selections kit and tonight I prepared this meal for my family.   Because the Skillet Meals are made to serve only 3 and we are a family of 7, I purchased a second Skillet Meal to prepare as well.

So, I pulled out the two bags of Spicy Orange Chicken... and preheated the oven for the bread. I started reading the directions and opened the Skillet Meals to find the following:

There are chicken and veggies, rice in a pouch, sesame seeds and the sauce.  All of this is frozen as you pull it out to cook.  First, you pull out the sauce and hold it under running warm water to thaw it.  Second, you start the rice cooking... set it on a microwave safe place and put it in the microwave for 8 minutes.  Third, you put 1T of oil in a skillet and heat on high.  Toss in chicken and veggies.  Cook for several minutes until done.  Fourth, add sauce and cook 30-60 seconds more.  


(Remember that whenever  the oven is heated to put it in for 8 minutes or so).

(This was before it was cooked)

 Next, you open the rice pouch... and split it between your plates (remember 1 pouch serves 3).

 Top with Chicken/veggie mix and sprinkle with Sesame Seeds.  Add Salad and bread.

Enjoy!! :)

It really was a delicious and filling meal.  I made a little extra rice, because I just didn't think there was enough for a family of 6 (even with 2 skillet meals).  I also added tomatoes and peanuts to my salad.  YUM!!  My husband couldn't stop raving about how delicious the Spicy Orange Chicken was.. and the bread too!  It was a great meal and quick and easy to put together!


  1. I've seen these at the store and have wondered about them. Thanks for your review. I think I'll try one!


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