NIV Ragamuffin Bible, meditations by Brennan Manning

About the Book:
Do you believe that God not only loves you, but that he also likes you? It's just one of the soul-searching questions posed by bestselling author Brennan Manning who confesses he has been 'John the beloved, Peter the coward, and Thomas the doubter all before the waitress brought the check.' The NIV Ragamuffin Bible offers a collection of Manning’s raw, painfully honest, yet grace-filled devotions, meditations, and reflections of his journey limping back to---like the prodigal son---his overjoyed father. When you journey through this Bible, you will likewise find yourself returning to your Heavenly Father, basking in the knowledge that God not only loves you, he delights in you. 

* Complete text of the world’s most popular modern-English Bible, the NIV
* 104 Devotions guide you into a deeper connection to God and his Word 
* 250 Reflections help you understand what it means to be a child of God
* 150 Quotes offer short but thoughtful insights into God’s kingdom

About: Brennan Manning 
Brennan Manning spent his life and ministry helping others experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. A recovering alcoholic and former Franciscan priest, his own spiritual journey took him down a variety of paths, all of them leading to the profound reality of God’s irresistible grace. His ministry responsibilities varied greatly – from teacher, to minister to the poor, to solidary reflective. As a writer, Brennan Manning is best known as the author of the contemporary classics, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Abba’s Child, Ruthless Trust, The Importance of Being Foolish, Patched Together, and The Furious Longing of God.

My thoughts:

This is an NIV put out by Zondervan, interspersed with "meditations for the bedraggled, beat-up & brokenhearted" written by Brennan Manning.  Honestly, I personally did not enjoy all of the "reflections," quotes and devotions.  But, while I read them, I had in mind a friend of mine I felt would completely LOVE this devotional Bible. 

As far as the Bible is concerned, the NIV is an easier-to-read version and the print in this one is of a good size as to be easy to read as well.  If you are fan of Brennan Manning, this would be a great addition to your collection of his books.  If you want to search deeper and for a deeper relationship with God, this devotional Bible might be the thing for you.