A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson

About the Book:

Marty Dandridge Olson is a widow looking for a way out of Texas. Widower Jake Wythe has secured a job as a bank manager in Denver, only to discover that the bank board wants him to be a married man. With Texas in his roots, he advertises for a Lone Star bride, and Marty answers the call. They both agree they are done with romance and love and will make this nothing more than a marriage of convenience.
 Marty works to carve out a new life in high-society Denver as Jake works to guide the bank through a collapsing economy. But when money goes missing at the bank and accounting discrepancies point to Jake, he must find a way to prove his innocence. Yet all he wants to do is go back to Texas and own his own ranch. Marty, on the other hand, owns a ranch--one she's never told her husband about. She hates Texas because it represents the losses in her life. But as the couple grows closer and love begins to bloom, Marty realizes she needs to tell Jake the truth. Can she come to terms with the past and her anger toward God in order to make room for love?
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About the Author:
Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 90 novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Belgrade, Montana. Learn more at www.traciepeterson.com.
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My Thoughts:
" 'Alice, you are a very attractive woman yourself. That scar on your face does not take away from your sweet nature and spirit.  The right man will come along one day and the scar will mean nothing to him.'
'I pray that might be so, ' Alice admitted.  She began to rearrange Marty's hair in a more intricate design.  Taking up a curling iron, she carefully arranged some of the blonde tresses around the rod. 'As pastor said at church just a few Sundays back, God isn't in the business of doing things without them having a purpose that will lead to His glory.' 
' Well, I don't know about that.' Marty generally kept her religious thoughts to herself, but with Alice she felt she could be honest. 'I've seen plenty of bad that has happened without any glory to God. There's a lot of suffering in this world. I find God cruel for not stopping it... or at best, insensitive to our pain.'
' I beg to differ,' Alice said, surprising Marty with her bold stand.  'There will always be cruel and insensitive people, but those are not qualities that can be assigned to God.  The Bible says that God is love. Love is never insensitive or cruel, so therefore I cannot believe God capable of such... human attribute.' "

What a powerful conversation Ms. Peterson wove here in the midst of this fictional story!!  How many times have you asked God WHY?  Why me Lord? Why did you allow this to happen?  Where were you when this happened?  Ashamedly, I admit I have asked these questions in times of despair and overwhelming sorrow.  
While A Sensible Arrangement is a work of fiction, and a work of enjoyment... it holds the truth that GOD IS LOVE, which is one of the most important aspects of God's character that we as humans need to know.  
I will admit that, having read many of Ms. Peterson's books, I have not found a book by her that I have not enjoyed.  ENJOYED. A Sensible Arrangement was not the exception.  I thoroughly enjoyed being taken to Denver, CO in the 1890's.  Seeing it through the eyes of her characters and feeling the frustration of the impending collapsing economy.  Marty Dandridge Olson is the main character and she has been through some really hard times that have pushed her turn her back on God and the beliefs she was brought up on.  After her husband dies working the ranch, she decides to answer an advertisement in the newspaper for a bride and leave the ranch and it's memories behind her.  She secretly moves from her home in Texas to Denver, CO to be the wife of a banker, Jake Wythe.  He's looking for a wife to satisfy the bank board -- he's not interested in a relationship that runs any deeper, he's been hurt too many times by women.  All he really desires is to return to ranching.  Marty and Jake carry off the ruse of their marriage, both trying to work towards a better life, one wanting to ranch, the other wanting to leave ranching behind.  What happens when their relationship changes and dreams and secrets collide?
This is an excellent book about God's love and grace and how He works things out even when we don't always keep our eyes/faith on him.  It's an excellent read for firm believers, believers who are struggling with unbelief and non-believers.  For firm believers, it says that it's okay to have questions and doubts, because God is ALWAYS there for us.  He'll always take us back.  For believers struggling with unbelief, the trials of life tend to pull us down... only God can pull us back up into his loving arms.  For non-believers... Christians/believers are NOT perfect.  We have a faults and struggles.  God loves us despite our struggles and disbelief. 

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