Christmas Bounty, a novella by MaryLu Tyndall

Christmas Bounty is one of nine novellas included in the book The Westward Christmas Brides Collection and is written by MaryLu Tyndall.  Other authors included in this collection are Wanda E. Brunstetter, Melanie Dobson, Susan Page Davis, Cathy Liggett, Vickie McDonough, Olivia Newport, Janet Spaeth, and Jennifer Rogers Spinola.  While I hope to read them all eventually, this blog is about Christmas Bounty by MaryLu Tyndall! :)

Christmas Bounty by MaryLu Tyndall is included in The Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American West. Since she is one of my favorite authors, I read it first and I was NOT disappointed!! When I think of the Goldrush and the westward movement, I think of all the dust and wagon trains and buffalo and Native Americans and tough terrain, but in true MaryLu fashion -- we find a PIRATE as the hero in Christmas Bounty!! While I love historical fiction... a good pirate story will get me every time! 

Dante Vega is getting ready to be hanged for crimes he is said to have committed. His only salvation? If an upstanding woman of character will marry him! WHO in her right mind would marry a pirate about to be hanged? No one... so, steps forward Caroline Moreau. She is in need of a man to help protect her family and vineyards, just until the harvest is over and Dante is in need of protection from the noose. 

You'll have to read the book to find the outcome. It definitely has twists and turns and unexpected moments. It also has some scary elements and a steamy moment or two (in the cleanest sense of the word!!). 

If this novella is any indication of how the rest of the book will be... I can't wait to read the other stories!