Thursday, November 13, 2008

The UN-DEAD Chicken....

This afternoon I was taking my youngest son to the eye-doctor to pick up his glasses. He ran out of the house as I gave my oldest daughter some instructions for while I was gone. Next thing I know, my son ran back in and said that one of the red chickens was in the "dumpster" {big trash can at the curb} and that it had laid an egg there. I said, "No honey... that's the dead chicken that daddy had to kill yesterday." He said, "No, it's alive, it's pooped and it laid an egg!"

I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. I saw my husband with the dead chicken. I saw him put the dead chicken inside of 2 Wal-mart bags and then he took it out to the trash. In fact, just 30 mins earlier I had thrown away some of the mail I had received that was trash!!

So, I followed him out to the trash and peeked in. Sure enough, there was a chicken pecking around with a pooped on egg!! I looked in there to see if there was a bag with a dead chicken in it,but no... there wasn't. The bags were in the floor of the trash can... the trash I had thrown in earlier was there, but the UN-DEAD Chicken was standing victor of it all!!

Shocked, I called my husband. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE WANTED ME TO DO!???! Yeah, right... not happening!! They are his chickens. I told him I would leave it in there and if it was still alive when he got home, he could deal with it!!

I left to get my son's glasses. On the drive over, I decided to call our friend Stu. He answered the phone and I said,"Hey Stu! How do you feel about killing chickens?" He laughed and asked why. So, I explained the situation to him and he said he'd take care of it, which he did within the hour. Now we have a twice-dead chicken in the trash can. And, I'm praying that I don't have a nightmare about that silly chicken tonight!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Sad Day in the Hen House....

Today, I was inside taking care of whatever, and all of a sudden I hear a racket going on in the back yard! The dog was barking, the chickens were sqwaking and so on. As soon as I could, I ran outside to see what was going on. By this time the dog was hiding and the chickens were quiet, so I had to investigate.

I walked down the porch steps and asked the dog what was going on... no, she didn't answer. I could tell she thought she was in trouble! My first clue, she knew she did something bad. So, I go back to the garden area where the chickens run free. I call out to the girls and here come three blacks... then a red. Um, where are the other two reds? I decided to check in the hen house, and there was a girl doing her thing with an egg, but there was still a girl missing.

I left the garden area and again asked the dog about the chicken. She actually led me to a pile of wood that Morgan's been meaning to burn. There under a wooden palet that is under this pile of wood, I find the chicken. I can't tell if she is alive or not. I yell at the dog to go to her house and I run inside for the phone and call Morgan. I decided that while I waited on Morgan to get home, I could at least move some of the wood off the top of the chicken.. it was prety heavy. I could barely see one end of the chicken, but I could tell that end was damaged. It wasn't until I got most of the wood off the palet that I realized it was the tail-end of the chicken. As soon as Morgan got home, I led him to the Chicken. He pulled her out... she was still alive, but her butt was bare. He took her back to the hen house and brought me the egg the other chicken had been worrying and told me that the chicken (#2) had already broken one egg. I took that egg inside and he dealt with the dog.

After a couple of calls to the Feed store where we bought these chickens, it was decided that it was in the Chicken's best interested if she was put out of her misery... so Morgan had to ring her neck. Very sad...very, very sad. The other hens could tell something was wrong.. they all kind of just acted out of sorts.

So, we are now down to 5 chickens.