Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a Day with a Perfect Stranger By David Gregory

This book starts off where Dinner with a Perfect Stranger ends...

Summary of a Day with a Perfect Stranger:
What if a fascinating stranger knew you better than you know yourself?

When her husband comes home with a farfetched story about eating dinner with someone he believes to be Jesus, Mattie Cominsky thinks this may signal the end of her shaky marriage. Convinced that Nick is, at best, turning into a religious nut, the self-described agnostic hopes that a quick business trip will give her time to think things through.

On board the plane, Mattie strikes up a conversation with a fellow passenger. When she discovers their shared scorn for religion, she confides her frustration over her husband’s recent conversion. The stranger suggests that perhaps her husband isn’t seeking religion but true spiritual connection, an idea that prompts her to reflect on her own search for fulfillment.

As their conversation turns to issues of spiritual longing and deeper questions about the nature of God, Mattie finds herself increasingly drawn to this insightful stranger. But when the discussion unexpectedly turns personal, touching on things she’s never told anyone, Mattie is startled and disturbed. Who is this man who seems to peer straight into her soul?

This book is available here: a Day with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory (and a Giveaway!)

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory is a sweet, short story that is about Nick, a man who recieves an invitation to dinner with Jesus. Nick is struggling in his job and in his marriage and has a chip on his shoulder. He wants nothing to do with religion or Jesus. After recieving the invitation to dinner, he believes that some co-workers have set up a practical joke, so he follows through.

What he finds at the restaraunt is not a practical joke, although it takes him a while to realize this. He goes through a whole meal talking with Jesus about historical events surrounding Jesus' life, death and resurrection and even talks about his own struggles with doubt, faith and pain. Dinner with a Perfect Stranger may be just the thing to change Nick's life forever!

It is a wonderful book for men and women of all ages. It's an easy and quick read and it makes the reader think about his own faith, doubt and pain in a new light.

It is available for purchase here: Dinner with a Perfect Stranger.

ALSO, I have 1 copy to give away!
Just leave me a note that you are interested in winning and on March 9th, I will draw a winner.

Sunday, March 1st, 2009....

This past Sunday my Nanny (dad's mom) slipped off the earth and into the arms of her loving Saviour. It was both a sad and joyous occasion. Sad because it's hard to let go of your loved ones and because I am not with my family to go through the greiving process. It was a joyous occasion because we know where she is... she is in Heaven with Jesus, with her husband Conley and with several siblings, parents, other relatives (even 2 of my children) that went on before her. It was a joyous occasion because she was 93.5 yrs old... she had lived a l-o-n-g, full life. It was joyous because her body is now whole and she is suffering no more. She is up and walking, running, jumping with joy at meeting the Lord in person.

Her obituary is listed here: Helen L. Collins

I love you always Nanny!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Echo Within by Robert Benson


The Echo Within is a profoundly affecting, honest look at the myriad ways we are drawn into our life’s best work.
Written out of his own lifelong search for and response to the calling voice of God, Robert Benson recounts his discovery of the meaning of vocation, work, and purpose through the ups and downs inherent in family life, professional choice, and spiritual experience. With clarity and insight, and in the elegant prose for which he is known, he gently invites and encourages readers to find such deep truths for their lives as well. In particular, he illuminates the way for readers to explore:

· ways to sense the Holy in our pursuits, both in the pursuits themselves and within ourselves.
· how to fall into our vocation and chart a course toward it at the same time.
· how to love the work we do, and the process of doing it.

For anyone beginning a new career or sensing a needed change in their life or wrestling with a transition suddenly thrust upon them, Robert Benson delivers wisdom, humor, and heart in what he’s learned about listening for The Echo Within—and how it can help us discover our calling.

I am still reading The Echo Within...but so far, I have really enjoyed it. I love Mr. Benson's way with words!! On page 49 Benson says, "Your vocation is not only about the work you do with your hands and your heart and your mind; it is about what shapes the work, about the person you become in and around that work as well. Vocation is also about the things that shape the work before the worker even begins to work." He touches on things that are real and that I have experienced with God's call in my life.

I think this would be a great book for a young person who has no idea where God's leading him or for someone of any age who just needs to understand how to hear the voice of God more clearly. This book is available through and