Saturday, April 6, 2013

Invisible by Ginny L. Yttrup, a review

Invisible is the first novel I have read by Ginny L. Yttrup, and it definitely won't be the last!!  This is a must read-- for anyone suffering with guilt, poor self-image, fear, loss of a loved one and moving on... it hits them all.

From the very beginning, I connected with Ellyn, Twila, Miles and Sabina.  I felt the love and support of Nerissa, Paco, Rosa and Antwone.  This is a novel of healing, redemption and reconciliation and it is a well written story!!  Please check it out! You can purchase the book here:, B&, or The Book Club Network.

About the Author:
Ginny is an author, speaker and life coach from Northern California.  Writing has been Ginny's life-long passion.  Since meeting Jesus Christ as her Savior, Ginny enjoys using her talent to convey to others the unconditional love, grace and freedom found in God.

About the Book:

Ellyn, is a talented chef, a warm person and a good friend, but she's not happy in her own skin or comfortable around men.  She struggles with her personal self-image and the voice (Earl) that constantly berates her in her mind... especially when she overeats, or thinks she might look pretty.

Twila, is an interesting young woman with a tattoo on her face.  To most, the tattoo is off-putting, but she means it as a symbol and reminder for her to remember those who face pain, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual and to pray for them.  She knows pain and what it is to lose the battle... she is still struggling to win. 

Sabina is a successful psychologist who has been faced with the guilt of someone else's death.  Twice.  She carries the guilt and it threatens to bury her.  She runs... from God, from her husband, from her practice and life.  

They all desire to be invisible in one way or another.  If they are invisible, they can't be hurt.  But God desires more for them... more from them.  Imago Dei.  Created in the image of God.  Each of them is created in God's image - what will it take to for each of these women to realize this?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell, a review

About the Book:

Lucy Kendall returns from a tour of the Continent, her luggage filled with the latest fashions and a mind fired by inspiration. After tasting Europe's best confections, she's sure she'll come up with a recipe that will save her father's struggling candy business and reverse their fortunes. But she soon discovers that their biggest competitor, the cheat who swindled her father out of his prize recipe, has now hired a promotions manager-a cocky, handsome out-of-towner who gets under Lucy's skin.
Charlie Clarke's new role at Standard Manufacturing is the chance of a lifetime. He can put some rough times behind him and reconnect with the father he's never known. The one thing he never counted on, however, was tenacious Lucy Kendall. She's making his work life miserable...and making herself impossible for him to forget.

My favorite Quote:

"I needed not to be myself anymore.  I needed to change.  
Though I had no place to go, I struck off down the street and out of Vandeventer Place.  Before I knew where I was going, I was walking up the steps of the church.
It's not that I wanted to talk to God. 
That's what I'd been trying to hard not to do ever since I'd left for the Continent.  In all the churches that I'd visited in Europe, in all the cathedrals that I'd seen, I'd made a point of ignoring the divine. If God had given me such a passion and talent for something I wasn't allowed to do, I'd decided He deserved it.  But it turned out my passion was misguided, and I didn't have all that much talent for making candy anyway."

My Review:

I really enjoyed Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell.  Miss Lucy Kendall is the epitome of the well-to-do young ladies of her time.  She has just come home from a European tour with her aunt and uncle.  She's nervous and excited to be home, until she finds her father ill and her mother is selling the candy company their family owns.  She is determined to save the company, even though her father has told her that ladies don't belong in the candy kitchen and her mother despises her love of the candy business.  Her mother pushes her into society and tells her it high time to find a suitable husband.  As a compromise, she promises to put her best foot forward if her mother will also allow her time to try to save the company.  

In the meantime, there's a new man in time.  Charlie Clarke has arrived on the scene and unbeknownst to Lucy, he is the long lost son of his rival Mr. Clarke of Standard Candy Company.  He is handsome and when she talks, he actually listens.  He also doesn't belittle her love of candy and candy-making... he seems to understand her passion. He feels the same about Lucy... she understands him and doesn't make him feel uncomfortable like the rest of "high-society."  Can she forgive his past and be his friend?  Will she be his friend when she finds out who his family is?

When Charlie realizes there is a spy at City Confectionery, he tries to help Lucy find the spy, and finds that he has fallen in love with Lucy.  Can their love overcome all that's between them?

Unrivaled is a good read with a great message (which is shared greatly by Winnie Compton).  I would definitely recommend it to a friend, especially if they liked to historical fiction (set in1910).  Siri had done a great job of writing a book that is historical, entertaining and presents a great message-- our need for GOD!

Link to buy the book:

About the Author:

Siri Mitchell is the author of nearly a dozen novels, among them the critically acclaimed Christy Award finalists "Chateau of Echoes" and "The Cubicle Next Door". A graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in business, she has worked in many different levels of government. As military spouse, she has lived in places as varied as Tokyo and Paris. Siri currently lives in the DC-metro area. 

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